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Full Name: Nicholas Scott Lachey
Nick name: Hollywood, Slider
Birthday: November 9, 1973
Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Harlan, Kentucky
Parents: Cate Fopma-Leimbach and John Lachey
Family: younger bro Drew, younger bro Issac, younger bro Zac, younger sis Josie, younger sis Katlin
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lb.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Baby Blue

Hobbies: working out, playing and watching sports
Tatoos: Sun with a "98" in the middle, arm band with a "L" that matches one that Drew has.
Education: He majored in Sports Medicine at the University of Miami in Ohio.
In School: He was the one always partying. He had good marks for school and loved to learn. He was the one in love the most and always had a girlfriend. He loved sports, the arts and was in the school choir.
Musical Instrument Played: saxophone
Past Jobs: He used to delived Chinese food. "I've always dreamed about being a singer. In fact, that's all I've ever done, apart from working at an amusement arcade. Was it fun? Yeah, for about 2 minutes!"


Performers: Boyz II Men, Sade, Jodeci, Brian McKnight, Take 6
Song: "Cherish the Day" by Sade
Food: Skyline Chili, steak, seafood, and barbeque
Drink: Yoo-HooFave
Color: Red
Movie: "Die Hard"
Sports: Football and basketball
Teams: Cincinnati Bengals, Reds
Actor: Bruce Willis
Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer

Clothing line: Phat Farm
Dream Car: He presently doesn't have a car, but would like a BMW 850
Type Of Girl He Likes: A girl who is smart, has a sense of humour and who is "beautiful in every sense of the word." "I like girls who like me! (joking) No, I kinda like headstrong women. I like to deal with a little adversity and have a struggle now and then."
Flower: Rose
Vacation spots: Hawaii, Florida, Columbia


"Nick is so talented. He's probably the best singer in the group."
- Jeff
"Nick, he's the passionate one. He moves a lot."
- Justin
"Nick is one of my best friends. He's an excellent singer and I can trust him with anything."
- Drew
Nick's the most sensitive of the group with a soft heart. He used to play football in highschool and his most prized possesion is his stereo. He believes that all guys are sensitive and down to earth people. Nick has wanted to be a singer ever since elementary school and now his dream has come true!!



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